Christening Gift


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christening gift

The baptism is one of the most important events in a person’s life, whether he or she will be christened as a baby or as an adult. The idea of giving christening gifts dates back to the time when Jesus Christ was born, and the magi came and presented Him with gold, frankincense, and myrrh as their offering. Since then, it has been a tradition in a lot of Christian denominations to give presents to a baby when he or she goes through baptism.


Before you choose unique christening gifts for the person’s baptism, you will first need to determine his or her age. As already mentioned, a person can be baptized either as a child or as an adult, depending on the Christian denomination he or she belongs to, so choose a gift that will be appropriate for his or her age. You will also need to consider the religious affiliation of the person, because there are certain gifts that will only be appropriate for certain churches and not for others, like rosaries.


Gifts traditionally given for a person’s baptism are religious in nature.

christening gift

 christening gift

Gift on the occasion of Baptism is quite a dilemma for both the parents and godparents.

Some gifts are determined by tradition-gold chain with a cross or Medal and the Bible are the basic gifts from godparents. For some time fashionable to become silver soothers, which are designed so that you can engrave on them baby’s name, date of birth, weight and growth, and also the date of baptism and donor data. It is also a clever storage for the first milk tooth. The cost of such a pacifier is around € 50-100. Another gift from silver is a silver rattle, the cost of such rattles is € 30-60, and the price depends mainly on the quality of silver.

Very trendy, referring to the old tradition, is giving your child a silver teaspoons, which can be finished on the handle with ratchet wrench.

Affordable and practical gift will be a souvenir book or album, in which the parents include photos of the ceremony, Baptism invitations, certificate of Baptism or other souvenirs. A good gift for baby on Baptism are picture frames, it can be made from silver, leather, wood, or different material and get interesting patterns and colors of the frames. Frames can be standing or hanging or sometimes are universal.

Happy gift shopping for all of you!

Formal dress – Special occasion dress – Flower dress


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special occassion dress

In every wardrobe should be even one special occasion dress for little girl. Of course, buying it is usually a tough choice because that dress baby will wear only a one maybe two times a year. However, there are occasions where your baby can not wear only bodysuit and slippers. That is why you should buy elegant formal dress.

Depending when she will need a dress – whether it is summer or winter we have to think about what material the dress would be made – warm, thicker materials are perfect for the winter, these lighter, more breathable fabrics in the spring and summer. Because a baby should wear under wear, always remember to choose a little bit bigger size.

Buying dresses is a real fun for every mammy. Stores offer a huge selection of these dresses. When a girl wear that elegance, adorned dress she will feel special. It is a good to change sometimes of wearing everyday tights, sleepers and t-shirts.

Formal dresses for girls do not have to be pink or white. Recently, they are available in many different, interesting colors and multicolored. Some of them are embroidered, others have different patterns or lace inserts. Often you can find dresses with bows, sequins and other decorations. However, if you want it to be modest dress for grandmother birthday, you can buy something more modest, but that does not mean that worse.

Most important is that the dress should be made from natural materials, then your child avoid excessive sweating, allergy and not blocked a freely baby skin breath.

Headband essential addition for baptism


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Perfect Additions to dresses for baptism.

Baptism is the first important event in the life of a small child. How to dress your child in order to look beautiful and feel comfortable at the same time? Buying band seems to be easy … but are you sure?

Gown … choose simple or with lots of flounces. Tulle, satin, silk … and the little girl turns into a real Crown Princess!

As befits a real little lady, should be the headband on her head - a very important addition. How to choose the ideal, best, unique? In my work, every day I see a lot of headbands. How to choose the best?

1st Turn to the left wrist

Check the internal stitches. Ensure that all seams and extra parts are carefully secured. Each protruding seam, each protruding rubber will be teased a very delicate baby skin.

2nd Note the appearance of

Band should fit christening dresses – fashion, color, type of fabric.

3rd Check stretch

To choose one that will serve more than one day. It can be used not only during the ceremony of baptism, but also on the first birthday, the birthdays of aunt, or on any other occasion – when it is too hot for a hat, and too cold for bare head.

4th Think about the price

If the headband costs € 1-2 can be healthy for your baby? Before the headband hits the head of your daughter, it earns on it at least a few people. (Unfortunately, a lot of bands are imported from China, and they are very poor quality) Good quality items can not be done with just anything, and so long as the price of good headbands starts at around € 5. The effect of random purchases may be allergic to fabric, manifested by rash – not what we want!

I wish you a beautiful and reasonable purchases.

When baptize baby?


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Baby came into the world, the decision had already been taken or baptism has always been a matter of course. The question is, when is the best time to bring a child for baptism?

Everything depend about parents, but let’s turn a few opinions.

1. Baptism as soon as possible

The Church is of the opinion that the child should be baptized in the first weeks of life, referring to the teachings of Jesus about the paramount importance of baptism for the man. In special cases, such as the child from severe, it may take place immediately after the birth and can then be given by each person.

2. Health of the mother

The term event is also dependent on the health of the mother, because her presence is very important. Date can also be pushed back because of any hesitation and indecision parents in spiritual and religious.

3. Parents’ relationship

Sometimes problematic in terms of the potential of baptism becomes the parents’ relationship status – informal, people have different faith or do not have a church wedding. They can then take some time before the parents decide, for example, to legalize their relationships or find a priest, for which there will be a problem and agrees to provide the sacrament of baptism to their child. Many regulations but has a fairly conventional and pretty much may depend on the favor of the priest.

4. When we baptize children

The most common age at which a child is baptized, the two – six months. Let us also remember the first vaccination your baby, you may want to wait until then.

Child’s age also affects how it will react to the same event. Often it happens that the younger you just sleeps, not causing any problem. With older may be the difficulty that will not want to in peace and relative immobility time withstand ceremony. But it is of course also dependent on the child and his temperament.

Christening outfits for boys


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Christening outfits for boys mainly consists: suit, white shirt, shirt, vest, shoes and hat.
At the presents are very popular retro Clothes for baptism. Typical set contains suit with jacket or vest, cap and bow tie cap pinned to a white shirt. Proffered color is white but quite popular are also navy, blue, gray or ivory. In outfit like this every boy looks very smartly and dignified.

christening outfit for boychristening suit for boys

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Fashionable Christening Gowns


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This year very popular are lace. ideal as a addition to important events, especially religious, such as a wedding or christening.

Due to the large popularity of lace clothing, many parents choose to purchase, soft baby clothes for baptism. Girls dresses, boleros and other accessories made of lace seems to be perfect for such an important event like christening. So at the beginning we have to prepare appearance of our kids for baptism, and then proceed to purchase.

christening gown 1christening gown 2

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